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Advantages of pneumatic conveying system

Jun. 08, 2020

The pneumatic conveying system is mainly divided into dense phase pneumatic conveying system and dilute phase pneumatic conveying system, and has the following advantages:

1. The pneumatic conveyor conveyed materials can be bulk, the high control efficiency, and the low cost of packaging and handling;

2. The pneumatic conveying equipment is simplified, the small occupied space, the area can be fully utilized, and the investment and maintenance costs of the machine equipment are low;

3. Long conveying distance, large conveying range, less control staff, and automatic control; therefore, less labor is required;

4. The pneumatic conveyor conveying pipe can be flexibly arranged, so that the configuration of the factory is reasonable;

5. The pneumatic conveyor conveyed materials will not be restricted by the weather and the surrounding environmental conditions of the pipeline, and the layout of the production workshop is relatively simple;

6. Pneumatic conveyor can prevent the material from being damp, fouled or mixed with other debris, and can guarantee the product quality of the material;

7. Many kinds of technological operations can be carried out in the transportation stage, such as mixing, crushing, classification, drying, cooling, dust removal and other chemical reactions;

8. Pneumatic conveyor is possible to carry out long-distance control from several points to one place, or from one place to several points;

9. Relative to chemically unstable materials, inert gas can be used for transportation.

Although, compared with other conveying types, the disadvantage of pneumatic conveyor is that the power consumption is large, the power consumption of the dilute phase pneumatic conveying is 2-4 times that of the bucket elevator, and 15-40 times that of the belt conveyor. Moreover, the closer of the transmission distance, the more significant this situation.

The new developed dense phase pneumatic conveying method has now overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings of large power consumption. The advantages of pneumatic conveying are more prominent in various continuous conveyors. Even the dilute phase pneumatic conveying system is superior to other conveyors except for the wear of parts and large power consumption. The power consumption of the dense phase pneumatic conveying system has been greatly reduced to only higher than the belt conveyor, and the wear of the parts is not significant. It is precisely that pneumatic conveying has the above-mentioned advantages, so its application is increasingly widespread.