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5 Things To Consider When Buying a Cyclone Dust Collector

Aug. 14, 2021

5 Things To Consider When Buying a Cyclone Dust Collector

The cyclone dust collector is the simplest and lowest cost air-material separator. Most common in grain and wood processing facilities where fibrous dust is managed, cyclones are often used as low-maintenance stand-alone dust collectors that do not require compressed air for cleaning. When the size of the dust exceeds 20 microns, the cyclone can achieve a very high collection efficiency. Cyclone dust collectors are often used as pre-filtration systems to reduce the dust load to downstream bag filters and drum dust collectors.

There are many reasons to consider installing a cyclone dust collector to meet equipment dust collection requirements. Here are 5 factors that need to be considered in advance.

Dust control needs

The size of the cyclone dust collector system required is proportional to the volume of air flow required to capture and transport particulate matter. A dust control assessment of the facility can help determine the size and type of system required. How large is the particulate contaminant to be collected? Does the ventilation air need to be discharged or returned to the manufacturing area? Is the dust generated in a specific process or continuously? Such an assessment will help determine the cyclone dust removal system that meets your needs.

cyclone dust collector

Budget considerations

Once the assessment of plant dust control needs is completed, companies will be able to determine what type and size of cyclone system they need to purchase. Cyclone dust collectors are cheaper than bag filters or cartridge dust collectors, but can they meet the equipment's long-term demand for particulate matter (PM) collection efficiency? Can bag filters be reliable without the need for upstream cyclone? Compared with the cyclone/dust collector system, there is only one air-material separator, the pressure drop of the entire system will be lower, thereby reducing the fan horsepower, thereby saving energy in the long term. If the application requires cleanliness, then maintenance costs need to be weighed.

Pre-filtering needs

In any facility, the dust and particle collection efficiency is related to the size of the particles in the air and their distribution in the air or gas stream. Before purchasing a system, consider the size of the particles circulating in the plant or factory. Cyclone is very effective in removing large particles (diameter exceeding 10 to 20 microns). If the application is to collect larger particles, such as 200 mesh, an independent cyclone may be completely acceptable. In other cases, when the pollutants contain particles with a diameter of less than 10 microns, by reducing the dust load and pre-filtering coarser substances, the cyclone can be used as a "pre-cleaner" for bag filters and cartridge dust collectors.

cyclone dust collector

System footprint

An important consideration is where the cyclone dust collector will be installed. The independent cyclone separator is a relatively compact, efficient and economical air-material separator. However, if a downstream dust collector is also required in the system, this requires more floor space and usually more headroom. Cyclone dust collectors and bag dust collectors or cartridge dust collector systems will cause the collected dust to have two separate discharge points, which will complicate the entire system.

Health benefits

Of course, the first consideration is the health benefits of eliminating dust in the workplace. Once spread through the air, these dust and particles will bring many health hazards to people who come into contact with them. Fine dust particles composed of chemical substances in various materials such as metal, wood, silica, minerals, etc., may cause respiratory diseases, poisoning, allergic reactions, and certain cancers. If the cyclone dust collector meets the budget requirements economically, it can greatly improve the working conditions of the staff.

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