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Cyclone Bag Filter

Apr. 08, 2021

Cyclone Bag Filter

Industrial workplaces are prone to dust and pollutants, which increases the need for proper ventilation. Although small dust particles are always excluded, many studies have shown that they may endanger the lives of workers and long-term exposure to it. Dust and small pollutants can affect the respiratory system and other parts of the body, leading to serious health problems. In order to avoid all these problems, dust collectors are now used in industrial workplaces. Cyclone dust collector is a kind of dust collector commonly used in workplaces. Why are they popular? Do they have any advantages? Yes, the cyclone dust collector has many advantages, which makes it more popular than other types of dust collectors.

The cyclone dust collector is designed to effectively capture dust and debris generated by machining operations, such as planing or joining.

Various advantages of cyclone dust collector

Over the years, several advantages of cyclones have made them popular. Here are some of them:

No need for expensive filters: Most dust collectors use expensive filters that require regular maintenance or replacement. However, the Cyclone bag filter uses centrifugal force to eliminate or remove particles in the airflow. Therefore, these dust collectors are a wise choice for areas exposed to high levels of dust, pollutants and air irritants.

Safety design: Two-stage dust collectors are considered safer than most other dust collectors. Why? The dust bag of the dust collector often releases huge dust mist during the cleaning process. However, when the main collection point of the cyclone was cleared, debris and heavier debris were released.

Maintenance-free: It is not easy to clean filters or bag houses in industrial workplaces. These filters or bag houses are taken to isolated areas for cleaning. Most companies outsource this task to a third-party contractor to ensure the smooth execution of the process. In addition, the high cost of replacing the filter, coupled with the cost of third-party services, may have a negative impact on the company's budget. In this case, the use of cyclone dust collector is an economical choice, and its maintenance cost is low.

Material recovery: In some industries, the dust collected in the dust collector may include gold dust or silver dust. Because of its economic value, it is reused or recycled. In this case, it is not recommended to use a standard filter, because the material may be lost in the filter, and the cyclone dust collector does not use a filter, and the collected valuable materials can be recycled through the discharge valve.

When a collection bag is emptied from a standard dust collector, as soon as the collection bag is removed, a large amount of dust will emerge from the collection bag. Since the main collection point of the cyclone contains only heavier debris, it is much cleaner and safer to empty the main collection bag.

Since the cyclone dust collector greatly reduces the number of particles contacting the filter element, the frequency of cleaning and/or replacing the expensive filter is greatly reduced.

Cyclone dust collector is a kind of mechanical dust collector. Dust removal equipment is not limited by dust concentration. According to the dust concentration, the thickness of dust particles can be used as one-stage dust removal or multi-stage dust removal. It is widely used in various industrial and mining enterprises, workshops, construction sites, and has good effects on metallurgy, casting, crushing, sandblasting, tunneling, cement, building materials, chemicals, food, refractory materials, etc.

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Cyclone Dust Collector