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Dust Collector Maintenance

Jul. 23, 2021

Dust Collector Maintenance

After the bag filter is maintained and installed and used for 1-2 months, the bag will become longer. After the bag becomes slack. On the one hand, it is easy to be in contact with the adjacent cloth bag to be worn, and on the other hand, in the slack part, the cloth bag generates holes due to dust accumulation and friction. In addition, due to the disappearance of the pulling force, the cleaning effect is degraded, and clogging of the bag mesh occurs. Therefore, check the equipment 1-2 months after installation and adjust the tension. Although the spring-type bag filter may not need to be adjusted, it should be checked frequently. After one year of operation, replace the inappropriate spring.

The bag filter is a dry dust filter device, suitable for collecting fine, dry, non-fibrous dust.

Ancillary equipment pipes and dust hoods are important ancillary equipment, which can be easily communicated in the early stage of operation; judging by abnormal vibration, poor suction, and poor operation.

dust collector

There are two kinds of mine dust collectors: wet dust collectors and dry dust collectors. Wet dust collectors have the disadvantage of secondary pollution and are inconvenient to manage. Especially the characteristics of easy freezing of water in winter have become a major disadvantage; dry dust collectors The device is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and has a high dust collection rate.

At the beginning of operation, pay attention to whether the exhaust fan is reversed, and lubricate the fan in time. Although most fans are equipped with automatic starting devices to reduce accidents, the bag dust collector is maintained but there is no automatic start. Because the fuse of the power supply is blown after the start failure, the motor runs in single phase, and the burnout accident occurs from the beginning of the operation.

In addition, the rapid change of gas temperature and the maintenance of bag dust collectors also have an adverse effect on the fan, and this situation should be avoided. Because the temperature change may cause the fan shaft to change, forming an unbalanced state of operation, causing vibration. Moreover, when the operation is stopped, if the temperature drops sharply, there is a risk of vibration when it is restarted.

The starting of the equipment plays an important role in normal operation, observe carefully and act with caution.

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