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Industrial explosion-proof bag type pulse jet dust collector

Aug. 21, 2019

In August 2019, a 600m2 explosion-proof bag dust collector was installed for the Iranian floor factory. The air capacity is 40,000m³. The industrial dust collector box was designed for explosion-proof (equipped with explosion-proof valves).

Explosion-proof bag house dust collector is high-efficiency industrial dust collector equipment that our company introduces and absorbs the technology products from American Fuller Company. The dust gas enters the ash hopper through the air inlet of dust collector, and the part of the large particle dust in the gas is separated by the inertia and falls directly into the ash hopper of dust collector. The other part dust gas passes through the ash hopper and enters the filter bag of the dust collector, and then is discharged through the air outlet. As the time of filtration increases, the dust on the filter bag continues to accumulate, and the resistance of the dust collector continues to rise. When the resistance of the precipitator reaches the pre-establish value (1200-1500pa), the dust collector starts to work. After the cleaning is completed, the electromagnetic pulse jet valve is closed and the poppet valve is opened, and the dust collector is restored to the filter state. Each room is cleaned in turn. The dust collector control generally adopts the timing method or the fixed resistance method. Controlled by advanced text display with PLC program controller.

The dust collector produced by our company uses high-quality anti-static waterproof polyester needle punched felt as the filter bag, imported pulse valve, cylinder and control valve, and imported PLC program controller to control the reliable operation of the entire equipment.