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  • china supplier cement discharge dry ash bulk machine
  • china supplier cement discharge dry ash bulk machine

china supplier cement discharge dry ash bulk machine

The cement bulk loader machine is a special equipment for bulk cement. It connects the cement silo with the cement bulk transportation and realizes the automatic or semi-automatic delivery of bulk cement through a series of interlocking actions of control devices. According to the discharge method, it can be divide dry powder bulk machine and warehouse side bulk machine.
  • Product Description

Product Description

Dry ash bulk material is completely isolated from the traction mechanism.The whole working process is in a closed state, which can effectively prevent dust from escaping.Dry ash bulk machine is mainly used in the bulk of power plant fly ash and cement plant cement bulk.

This product is applied to the loading of corrosion-resistance bulk materials for industry fields such as electric power, constructing metallurgical coal and chemistry etc. In power plant it is mainly applied to the loading for truck and ship under hopper or ash silo. It can realize the auto loading through operating with the feeder facilities under silo by logic control. It has a good loading efficiency and sealing performance with no dust pollution. It is the best solution for track loading ship loading.

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Technical Parameters

1. The telescopic distance of the loading head is 1600mm, and the extension and deceleration speed is 8m / min;

2. Hoisting speed of hoist machine 8m / min; Power 05.KWJ; Voltage 380V;

3. Technical parameters of the pressure controller in the material level indicating mechanism: operating pressure 250-5000Pa; Rated voltage 220V; Rated current 3A, applicable medium: clean gas; pressure 0.01MPa, fan technical parameter pressure 220V, power 350V;

4. The dust collector is self-provided, the dust collection air volume is 40m3 / min

Loading capacity (t/h)60100200
Feeding tube diameter(mm)300
Vacuum tube diameter(mm)108
Bulk head distance(mm)1500-2500
Lifting speed(m/min)3.3/6.6

Structural features

Cement bulk load machine is including electric control box, electric motor, speed reducer, pulley group expansion tube, dust suction tube, steel wire rope and so on. They are connected together by wire ropes and suction pipes to form a retractable structure.

The dry ash bulk machine can be interlocked with the feeding equipment under the silo. After the tank truck is full, it will automatically stop the loading to realize the automation process. The loading efficiency is high and the low dust pollution. It is ideal for loading bulk cement for truck and ship.

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The operator of the dry powder bulk machine should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment 5-10 minutes before starting the machine, refuel and clean it according to the regulations, and then put it into use after the test is correct.

Strictly abide by the operating regulations and pay attention to the operation of the equipment at any time. If abnormalities or faults are found, the machine should be immediately shut down for inspection and eliminated in a timely manner. Failures that cannot be eliminated should be notified to the maintenance personnel for overhaul, and the maintenance personnel should make maintenance records.

Do the cleaning, wiping, lubrication, and inspection of the bulk cement machine within 10-15 minutes after work, and make records.

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