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  • Industrial Boiler Scraper Chain Conveyor Scraping Slag Off Conveyor Remote Control
  • Industrial Boiler Scraper Chain Conveyor Scraping Slag Off Conveyor Remote Control
  • Industrial Boiler Scraper Chain Conveyor Scraping Slag Off Conveyor Remote Control

Industrial Boiler Scraper Chain Conveyor Scraping Slag Off Conveyor Remote Control

Boiler accessories scraping slag off conveyor grate parts slag machine for industrial boiler
  • Product Description

Product Description

double-chain scraper slag remover is suitable for slag removal of industrial boilers with a slag outlet arranged below. It has the characteristics of small floor space and long service time.

The high-temperature ash discharged from the furnace is firstly broken into small pieces by the roller-type slag breaker to facilitate cooling and transportation.

After the crushing of the ash and slag into the water-cooled screw slag extractor and between the screw blade and the outer cylinder cooling heat transfer back out.

If necessary, air lock (star ash discharge valve) can be provided at the outlet of the slag cooler.

Ash inlet temperature is less than 900 ℃, clinker size less than 100 mm, the transmission distance is 4 to 7 m, the level of the installation

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Technical Parameters

Techniacal Prameters of SGB Type Seris Scraper Slag Remover

TypeBottom width(mm)Motor
Scraper Speed
Maximum capacity(kg/h)Matching BoilerDimensions


1. Facilitate the comprehensive utilization of slag.

2. Reasonable structure design, reliable operation, safe operation and good sealing performance.

3. Good load adaptability and remote control

Scraper slag remover


1. The cast stone slab is placed at the bottom of the base groove, which can effectively improve the wear resistance of the material and prolong the service life of the base groove.

2. The scraper material of the double-chain scraper is cast steel, the transmission chain is 25MNV high-strength material for mining, and the structure is double-row ring welding. In the process of transporting ash, the tightness of the chain can be automatically adjusted by the device at the front of the device.

3. The double-chain slag removing machine can reduce the labor intensity of the furnace workers, improve the working conditions of the boiler room, and ensure the boiler production efficiency to the greatest extent.

4. Compared with other closed type slag removing machines, the double-chain type is an open design, which can ensure that all ash can be discharged to the outside of the boiler.

5. The scraper support is a cast stone rail support method, which avoids various problems of supporting by the rollers, and can effectively reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment.

6. It is suitable for the slag removal of single-drum boilers with all slag outlets arranged at the rear and lower parts of the boiler.

7. The chain is automatically tensioned by manual or machine. The double overload protection system of the motor can ensure that the chain is not dragged, not stacked, and the ash is transported smoothly, meeting the requirements of industrial boilers and heating boilers.

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Package& Shipping

Packaging Details:

Wrapped in plastic film and packed in wooden cases.

shipment:20-30days after get customer's prepayment.

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