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What Is the Difference Between a Screw Conveyor and a Case Elevator?

Sep. 23, 2020

Screw conveyors and box elevators have some key functions in common, but there are many functions that separate the two vertical conveyors.

Let's explore the difference between screw conveyor and box elevator. But first, let us define what screw conveyors and box elevators are and describe their uses.

What is a spiral conveyor machine?

Screw conveyors have a wide range of names, including belt inclined conveyors, screw lifts, vertical conveyors, vertical lifts, spiral curves, spirals and even screw conveyors, which is a special brand name.

Screw conveyor is a broad term used to describe two types of material handling conveyor equipment, each of which belongs to a separate material handling category and can meet different industrial markets. One type of screw conveyor is a bulk material conveying screw conveyor, and the other is a belt or slat conveyor.

The bulk material conveying screw conveyor uses a closed screw screw to vertically move loose bulk particles and powders. Belt or slat conveyors use belts or slats to vertically move packed or unpackaged boxes, packages, parcels, pallets, totes and other items.

Both screw conveyors transport products vertically rather than horizontally. Each type of screw conveyor is suitable for better serving certain industries. Among them, the screw conveyor is especially valued by the agriculture, chemical processing, consumer goods and food processing industries, while the belt or slat conveyor is mainly used for packaging and Assembly, package handling and general manufacturing.

Box elevator, also called box elevator, is a machine that can lift boxes, cartons and other packages vertically. With the help of the box elevator, the box enters the machine through the conveyor belt, and the double scraper rises vertically to lift the box from the feeding conveyor belt and move it to the discharge height.

Like screw conveyors, box lifts take up the least floor space. Although it is a functional machine, the design of the box lift is outdated and its throughput capacity is very limited. They often suffer rapid wear and tear, which can stop operation and require time-consuming maintenance and repair time.

Screw Conveyors

Screw Conveyors

What is the difference between a screw conveyor and a case elevator?

Screw conveyors and boxes lift each transported product vertically instead of horizontally. However, the screw conveyor has a leading and forward-looking design. This improved design enables screw conveyors to move loads faster and more reliably than box elevators.

Screw conveyors provide continuous material flow. The load does not need to be synchronized to

Increase flights, increase throughput and eliminate bottlenecks.

Another advantage of screw conveyors is that they require significantly less maintenance compared to box elevators. In terms of increasing uptime, this can save companies a lot of money and time.