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Precautions For Construction Of Concrete Pump

Dec. 15, 2020

Precautions For Construction Of Concrete Pump

Concrete conveying pump, also known as concrete pump, is composed of pump body and conveying pipe. It is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along a pipeline. It is mainly used in housing construction, bridge and tunnel construction, and is a common equipment for construction sites. So what are the precautions for concrete pump construction?

1. First of all, sand and gravel particle size, cement number and mix ratio should meet the requirements of the pump's mechanical performance according to the factory instructions.

2. The parking brake and the locking brake of the pumping equipment should be used at the same time, the tires should be wedge tight, the water supply should be normal and the water tank should be filled with clean water, there should be no debris in the hopper, and the lubrication points should be lubricated normally. All bolts of pumping equipment should be tightened, pipe joints should be tightly sealed, and protective devices should be complete and reliable.

3. Check the control beginning of each part, and adjust the handle, hand wheel, control rod, cock, etc. should be in the correct position. The hydraulic system should be normal without leakage.

4. Prepare cleaning tubes, cleaning supplies and other related devices. Before operation, the pipeline must be lubricated with cement mortar prepared according to the regulations. Irrelevant personnel must leave the pipeline.

5. The outriggers should be fully extended and firmly supported. Do not start the boom before being fixed. The placing boom can only rotate after raising the support. The spreading boom should be carried out in order. It is strictly forbidden to use the boom to lift or drag objects. When the placing boom is in the fully extended state, it is strictly forbidden to move the body. When moving during operation, the upper boom should be folded and fixed, and the moving speed should not exceed 10km/h. The placing boom shall not use piping with a diameter exceeding the specified diameter, and the connected wheel pipe shall be secured with an anti-drop safety rope.

6. Various instruments and indicators should be monitored at any time, and if abnormalities are found, adjust or deal with them in time. If the conveying pipe is blocked, reverse operation should be performed to return the concrete to the hopper, and the pipe should be removed if necessary to remove the blockage.

7. When the pumping system is under pressure, do not open any delivery pipes and hydraulic pipes. The safety valve of the hydraulic system shall not be adjusted arbitrarily. The accumulator can only be filled with ammonia gas.

concrete pump

8. After the operation, all the concrete in the hopper and pipeline must be output, and then the pump, hopper and pipeline must be cleaned. When flushing the pipeline with compressed air, no people should stand within 10m in front of the outlet end of the pipeline, and metal mesh baskets should be used to collect the washed out foam rubber and sand. It is strictly forbidden to use compressed air to flush the placing boom piping. The folding and shrinking of the boom must be carried out in order. All parts of the control switch, adjustment handle, hand wheel, control rod, cock, etc. should be reset and the hydraulic system should be unloaded.